Interaction Design & Front-End Development Project


If you were a plant, what kind would you be?
As a final project for my Interaction Design II course at UC Davis, I had the pleasure of combining my skills and knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with my passion for houseplants! Plantifest is a play on the word 'manifest', as you will manifest the plant that best represents you. This is a fun and interactive quiz that was a great opportunity to play around with animations and interaction design.

I used Figma to prototype the initial design of the interface including the general layout, colors, and fonts. I used Adobe Illustrator to create all of the vector graphics featured in the design and transferred them to Figma to translate the vectors into code. I used Atom as my IDE during development and used vanilla HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Click here to see the website! (Desktop Only)
Project Overview


Interaciton Designer & Front-End Developer


Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Atom (HTML, CSS, JS), Github