Nice to meet you! 👋

I'm a recent graduate at the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Science in Human-Computer Interaction.

I'm currently at UC Davis Facilities Management working on both digital and physical interactive displays making energy on campus more accessible and understandable to all.

When I'm not designing, I do photography 📷, cooking 🍳, and full-time plant dad duties 🌱


My Design Philosophy


Powerful Collaboration

Impactful design is never crafted from a single mind. I strive to expand my horizons by learning and growing from outside perspectives.


No bad ideas!

Great solutions can come from the most unexpected places. You can't ever run out of sticky notes if they're digital!


Intention & Impact

I seek and feel empowered by projects and teams that provide solutions that are both meaningful and impactful for people and communities.

My Community

Being a part of the Asian Pacific Islander (API), Southeast Asian, and Queer community, I take a lot of pride in advocating, uplifting, and learning from the communities I identify with. I had served three terms in Pilipinx Americans in Science & Engineering (PASE) as an intern, Digital Media Chair, and Co-President. I have had the honor to represent and uplift the underrepresented API community on campus and have been empowered and strengthened both in and out of academia due to my experiences. I hope to continue this passion in pushing for equity and opportunity towards marginalized communities in my professional career.

Ask me about my...

🏸 mediocre badminton skills
🌱 extensive plant collection
🍲 favorite soups to cook
🏞️ favorite hiking spots
📺 current anime watch list
🏆 award-winning high school prom video
✈️ future travel plans

My Roles

- UX Design Intern @ UC Davis Facilities Management

- Project Mentor @ Design Interactive

- UI/UX Designer @ Design Interactive

- Communications Coordinator @ UC Davis Honors Program

- Photographer & Videographer @ Aperture Media

My Community

For the 2020-2021 school year I was the co-president of Pilipinx Americans in Science & Engineering (PASE). I am passionate about representing and uplifting marginalized communities including the Asian Pacific-Islander (API) community as they continue to empower and strengthen me both in and out of academia.

Aside from that space, I am also passionate about closing the education and opportunity gap between marginalized communities and career success.

My Passions

  • Finding novel solutions to everyday problems through user centered design
  • Exploring the intersections between design and development– having an idea and making it a reality.
  • Exploring diverse communities and uplifting the voices of marginalized communities

Let's have a coffee chat! ☕

You can reach out to me via:

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